Natural itineraries between colour, form and proportion

Sharp and powerful panels of colour burrow into the canvas. The visual reflections that the generating force of Nature, during a hypothetical year, has impressed on Antonella Vitali's creative soul are engraved on the surface: a pictorial cycle of 12 works have thus been generated. This wide-ranging and in-depth metaphorical analysis of Nature, Art and Life is coming to the lagoon city for the first time from 29 October to 6 November 2016, hosted by Mario Teleri Biason's LATTERIA MODERNA exhibition space.

A glimpse of the future, intrigued by the infinite possibilities on the threshold of a new year can be found in the central glimpse of the canvas "Glympse", inspired by the colours and hopes that the creative finds in January. In the "Violets" of February, the first signs of a winter that is about to decline, one glimpses the punctual attention of someone who knows how to trace every natural change in order to sublimate it in a snapshot of delicate colours.

A luminous, hypnotic yellow square stands out on March's canvas. A fixed point, evidence of a springtime germ of rebirth that "Sunrise" brings with it. The luxuriant fullness of Nature is manifested in "Rose Garden", an occasion for total immersion in the heady scents of May.

A first balance of the year's journey among future horizons achieved goals and sedimented experiences lie on the imaginary carpet of "Woods", imaginative scenery of a real October. The graceful romanticism of "Birches" becomes the protagonist of a serene November, free, in Antonella's reading, from the traditional decadent and funereal aspect, where once again the natural elements are arranged with orderly lightness on the canvas.

In Antonella Vitali's works, there is deep research in the field of chromatic combinations. This is not mere adherence to a certain colourism, but a tangible distinguishing mark in her artistic production, whereby the colouristic note manages to translate in a subversive and original way the visual vibrations that are orchestrated in a fully achieved proportion between the volumes.

Elisa Domenichetti

Art curator