Connection is an endless line that connects one to the other.

Connection is a dreamed embrace, an open door inside the heart, an epochal moment of shared transition, a full silence, a wandering  with the imagination towards any direction to be able to meet the eyes, the voice, the hands or the mere presence of those who are no longer there. Connection is observing nature and "feeling" beyond our windows.

Connection is a venetian view, where the eye perceives a meeting point. Is it real or is it just a daring and freely interpreted perspective? It matters little. The connection becomes concrete starting from our will. How we want to see, how we want to feel. How. How and again how. Everything can separate and everything can come together. It depends on how we want to look at things. Only we can decide who we really want to be under our mask. Still us.

For "Connessioni" I wanted to involve Marco Muzzolon who tells, with a different artistic language than mine, the importance of relationships, the essence and the essential that, even in a moment of suspension, are fed by the dream and the game. I wanted to involve him for his poetry, in my opinion unquestionable and close to my spirit for its delicacy. 

I involved Marco not by chance, but because I have shared with him for many years and for many shows, the experience of working in the theater. which is by its very nature "connection". Concrete connections that bring to light moments from the past, concrete connections that live in the present moment  and connections that encourage a look into the future.

What matters, in the end, is what we want to be, what we want to feel in the serious and light game of life.

Antonella Vitali

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